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One membership for the entire city



  • Book activities with 1 click



  • 19 different sports

  • 351 nationwide providers



  • One time or again and again

  • Alone or with others

What is WannaSport Multipass?


WannaSport Multipass is a personal membership and applies to one member. If you book a multi-person activity, you will only get your own part covered with multipass - the guest must pay or have his own WannaSport Multipass

What activities do you get access to?

With WannaSport Multipass you get access to all WannaSport activities which can be booked from time to time.

You can book 2 activities at each provider - every month.

Example: You can swim 2 times in DGI Byen, you can swim 2 times in Gentofte svømmehal, you can play badminton 2 times at Copenhagen Badminton Club, and 2 times at Hafnia Hallen etc. Only your own endurance and desire to explore the city sets the limit.


Access to facilities

  • Access to swimming pool

  • Access to fitness center

  • Access to climbing center

  • Access to skating rink


Join class activities

  • Fitness

  • Yoga

  • Spinning

  • Pilates

  • Core training

  • CrossGym

  • Fitness boxing

  • TRX Training

  • Saunagus

  • Aquafitness

  • Drop-in football

  • Drop-in tennis

  • Flex badminton hold

    ...and many many more


Book courts and sport halls

  • Badminton (2 people)

  • Tennis (2 people)

  • Squash (2 people)

  • Table tennis (2 people)

  • Padel tennis (4 people)

  • Bowling alley (4 people)

  • Football Fields (2-10 people)

  • Sport halls and gyms (6-10 people)

WannaSport Multipass is a personal membership and only you can use it. If you book an activity that requires more players you must book with at least one other WannaSport Multipass member. Alternatively, you will only get your own part covered.


Exploring activities

  • Rent mountain bikes (extra charge)

  • Book kayak trip (extra charge)

  • Rent curling lane with instruction (extra charge)

  • Try climbing course (extra charge)

  • Run go-kart (extra charge)

  • Book tee times on pay and play golf courses (extra surcharge)

For some activities, there will be an extra payment to participate.

A complete list of activities that can be purchased with multipass, including which activities are multi-person activities - and which activities have a supplement.

Extra benefits

With WannaSport Multipass you get some extra benefits that should make it easier to use the many options in the network.

rackets icon.png

Loan free equipment.

To try different activities you need different equipment. Therefore you can get into WannaSport office or at one of our partners and borrow free equipment if you have WannaSport Multipass.

  • Tennis racket

  • Badminton rackets

  • Squash rackets

  • Padel Tennis bat

  • Table tennis bat

See practical information

discount icon.png

Get 15% off sportswear and equipment

As a WannaSport Multipass member you get 15% on sportswear and equipment at WannaSport's partners.

See partner list

Base Plus Multipass

The price for Gold Pass depends on which base you choose.


Sporting Health Club

Gym, Scandinavia

Including WannaSport Multipass


per month


Sporting Health Club

Gym, Søren

Including WannaSport Multipass


per month


Sporting Health Club

Gym, Gothersgade

Including WannaSport Multipass


per month



Crossfit, Nordhavnen

Including WannaSport Multipass


per month


Form & Fitness

Fitness and swimming, Amagerbro

Including WannaSport Multipass


per month


Fitness Yoga Club

Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Frederiksberg

Including WannaSport Multipass


per month


Kastrup Fitness

Fitness, Kastrup

Including WannaSport Multipass


per month


What is the binding period?

There is ongoing month + 1 month termination for membership. You always pay 1 month in advance.

How many times can you do the same sport per month?

As many times as you like. However, you can only exercise an activity 2-3 times each place, every month. But if there are several places in the area that offer the same sport, there is nothing wrong with switching between places. For example, if you want to play badminton 8 times, you can do it with 4 different providers.

How do you cancel your subscription?

You write to info@wannasport.dk or contact WannaSport support via chat or on tel 7199 2644.
You will receive a confirmation of your resignation next weekday

Can you change your unlimited place?

With WannaSport Multipass gold, you get a base where you can get unlimited. You can change your base out with another base. You should be aware that there is ongoing month + 1 month notice for base replacement. There may be price difference depending on the base.

How to pay?

You pay by registering your credit card or credit card. Your membership fee will be deducted each month.

How to access your unlimited place?

You get access to one's base on the same terms as other members. That means in some places you need an access card or key. This one will be handed out the first time you visit your base.

Is Multipass limited to one city?

No. You can use your multipass throughout the country. For example, you can use it when you are in a cottage or if you are commuting around the country.


Multipass has been developed in collaboration with DGI


Questions for WannaSport Multipass?

Contact WannaSport employees Open Chat or call 7199 2744