Update: The Deloitte Workplace sportsplatform has been closed. And replaced with Deloitte Sport Multipass

Signup for a Deloitte Sport Multipass and Do Sports All Across the City

Get access to tennis, badminton, squash, padel tennis, table tennis, fitness, swimming and yoga. (Access each provider 2 times a month)

From 99 ,- per month / person

What is a Deloitte Sport Multipass?

A SportsPass is a monthly subscription that allows the user to do sports all across the city.

Included in the Sport Multipass is 2 activities at each provider per month.

The SportPass comes in two versions:

A) Racket&Bat Multipass

Tennis, Badminton, Padel Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash
Deloitte Employee Price: 100 DKK per month (normal 199,-)

B) All Sports Multipass

Tennis, Badminton, Padel Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, Fitness, Swimming, Yoga, Football, Golf, Climbing
Deloitte Employee Price: 150 DKK per month (normal 269,-)

How do I Sign Up?

You sign up here:

Sport Multipass

100,- DKK / month

Sport Multipass
All Sports

150,- DKK / month

Use your Deloitte email when signing up. Initially you sign up for the normal price - but if you used your Deloitte email, the prices (and deposit) are later adjusted to the Deloitte-prices (100 DKK / 150 DKK)

Does it Allow to Book Courts?

Yes. If you play with other Multipass holders it is included.

You can book courts for badminton, tennis, football, padel tennis, table tennis, squash etc. For these activities you need to be more than one person. If you play with guests, who do not have multipass, they need to pay their part. The person who book pays the fee for guests.

  • Badminton - 2 persons

  • Tennis - 2 persons

  • Squash - 2 persons

  • Table Tennis - 2 persons

  • Padel Tennis - 4 persons

  • Volleyball - 6 persons

  • Basketball - 6 persons

  • Football - 6-8 persons

Are There Any Extra Fees?

For the Racket&Bat Multipass, it gives access to all providers within the categories: Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Padel Tennis, Table Tennis. For indoor tennis courts there is small extra fee.

For the All-Sports-Multipass it gives access to all the Racket&Bat providers as well as Fitness, Swimming and Yoga. In the this Multipass you can also use it for Golf and Climbing - for these activities there is a small extra fee.

How do I book with Deloitte Sport Multipass?

Skærmbillede 2019-10-10 kl. 11.56.22.png

You book through the general Wannasport.dk website or the WannaSport app.


Can My Friends and Family also get a Multipass?

Yes. There is a voucher code that friends and familiy can use to get a discount on their Multipass. When they use this voucher code they get 25% of therir Multipass for 6 months.

(Deloitte employees do not need to use the voucher-code. Employees should just sign up using the deloitte-email)

Get 25% off for 6 months! Use voucher code: “FRIENDSOFDELOITTE”